Saturday, April 4, 2009

some rhymes

at the juncture of desire and facts
i hear the jazzman's sax
there's a mountain to climb
and it isn't a crime
to tie your shoes
before you collapse.

the jews are easier to rhyme with
rather than israel.
yehudi is also difficult to rhyme with
unless your name is hoodie.

events recur maintain the pace
dreams of jupiter play on your face
instill the spirit
develop the film
everything resembles
the things that they seem.

it wasn't so easy
the first day is done
you'd be better off
if you slept before dawn.

your cry has been heard
in god's ear it does echo
and also your laughter
like heckle and jeckle.

the song's tune must repeat
as you walk down the street
it's better than hearing
the complaints of your friend.
it never fails
you feel like bail
and on the golf course
you get struck by hail.

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