Sunday, April 5, 2009

interview part 4

RS: so why didn't you make aliya?
yr: the first real step of aliya for a man over 18 is to join the army, which i was willing to do, but my parents were opposed. i didn't want to go down to the local induction center, i wanted to go with the yeshiva, with the group i "belonged" to now. but whereas a visit to an induction center was within my possibility, my parents' veto made the yeshiva army program known as hesder out of my reach.

RS: did you consider going to university in israel?
yr: briefly. but in israeli schools there's no futzing around with one's major, it's "serious" from day one, and i wasn't ready for that i needed to futz.

RS: to futz?
yr: there was so much about the world that i was curious about, there were questions about my own creativity that i was unconsciously curious about. yes, i needed to taste different dishes and see what inspired me.

RS: and you chose film?
yr: film chose me. i think my first choice would have been writing. but the elaborate paragraphs that the great writers are capable of are well beyond me. the average barnard girl , i mean woman, can write a better more literary paragraph than me.

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