Thursday, April 2, 2009

meandering thoughts in response to sara and hedyot

is conversion sad?
is conversion bad?
is it a fad?
does it make you glad?

on the cross
don't forget to floss
my big brother's boss
threw me for a loss.

sara whose parents are bt's, left the derech and found herself studying in law school, married and catholic. ouch! conversion is historically nonacceptable.

i accept everything on a personal level, this is "external". that's one thought
and the other thought is that the jewish people needs its adherents.

wearing a yarmulka as a kid in winnipeg.
wearing a baseball hat as a replacement for the yarmulka
getting kicked out of a game before it started because i was wearing a yarmulka. had aryeh reported the net effect of his protests in response to the instruction to take off his yarmulka?

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