Sunday, April 5, 2009

part 5

RS: and you were still frum at this time?
yr: yes. i still wore a kipa, i still kept kosher, i still derived strength from the shabbat, i still got pleasure from hearing a good piece of torah.
but there were glimmers of "rebellion". firstly the choice of film over psychology was a rebellion. everyone is choosing a field with a clear income ladder in their future and i want to make movies.
and on the kosher front, i remember one time i was in st. louis with my uncle at the corner diner where the orthodox would have ice cream. there was a question regarding their whipped cream, but their ice cream was accepted even by the rabbi who along with his wife, my uncle and aunt and myself, made for a fivesome. so i ordered ice cream with whipped cream and the rabbi ice cream sans whipped cream and nobody made a big deal. but i saw a dollop of whipped cream that had fallen on my uncle's plate and that he was neglecting focused as he was upon the ice cream in the tall cup nearer his face. so i said, rabbi! and the rabbi looked over. and i took a finger and scooped up the whipped cream and popped it in my mouth and was quite pleased to not only eat the whipped cream, but to grab the extra dollop and eat it with relish in the rabbi's face.

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